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Space Nuts

Space Nuts Image View Boxcover
In Space No One Can Hear You Cream...

Episode 69

"Unholy Union

Led by the Evil Overlord and the Dark Witch, an ominous shadow has swept across the universe, destroying countless planets in its wake.

The Clitorian System, one of the last remaining independent realms, may yet fall, for the Evil Overlord's shyster minions have discovered a legal loophole: whomever the Princess Hubba Hubba weds will become the de facto heir to the Clitorian System.

With this information brought to light, the Princess has fled the star system, joining a ragtag underground of interplanetary Eco-Warriors who attempt to align the planets.

In the struggle between good and evil, the hopes of billions rest on the shoulders of a few.

In space, no one can hear you cream...

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