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Take A Ride On The Trans Train! 3

Take A Ride On The Trans Train! 3 Image Sale 4K View Boxcover

Brittney Kade and Erica Cherry are chatting on the phone when Erica makes her friend a steamy proposal. It turns out that Erica's boyfriend, Sergeant Miles, is interested in a threesome, and Erica wants the third to be Brittney. Brittney is definitely intrigued, admitting that she finds Miles to be SUPER hot. With all of that settled, they agree to meet up that evening for a sexy encounter.

Sometime later, Erica introduces Brittney to Miles, who is watching TV in his living room. He is immediately awed by Brittney's beauty, looking her over with satisfaction. Erica and Brittney start making out, with Miles watching hungrily. Erica lowers Brittney's top and starts sucking on her amazing tits. After a few moments, they can't help but take off the rest of their clothes, revealing their hard cocks, ready to pound and get sucked.

After watching for a bit, Miles joins in, bringing his throbbing cock into the mix. These three jump into an energetic, passionate threesome, leaving no hole un-stuffed. It's going to be a bumpy ride on this trans train, but for Brittney, Erica, and Miles, this works out just fine.

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